The foosball or table football is one of the most loved games and sports not only among the young but also among adults. Table football, in fact, can be adapted in any place and does not require special mounting and use skills. The possibility of reproducing the game of football through a functional and manageable table, always ready for use, is a great opportunity.

Foosball, or table football, is a much loved and practiced world game today. Though it’s becoming popular, more and more Indians are now going to start playing foosball. You can see a tremendous increase in the search of ‘Best Foosball Table Models in India’ nowadays.

To Watch Top Selling Foosball Table Models in India

What is a Foosball Table?

The Foosball table is actually a box on four legs, not unlike a table, but with more interior. Players are lined up on rotating poles. At the short ends on both sides are the gates, which are each guarded by an upstream goalkeeper on the pole.

On the long sides, the poles have handles that allow the teams to be controlled, four each on each side. Alone or in pairs, a team can thus control their own team, which consists of eleven players. The target, like grass football, is to score goals, more than the opposing team.

Best Professional Foosball Table Modes in India

A standard professional football table is one that everyone knows. It is a fairly large football table with a sturdy and durable frame. It is not really easy to move because it often weighs heavily.

The following are the best professional foosball table models in India that you can buy from online. But one thing I can assure you that if you purchase any of the models below, I think you’re getting one of the top-rated foosball tables for the price.

1. Play City Unisex Football Table

The Play City Unisex Football Table is a top-quality addition for homes, offices, clubs, and tournaments. Crafted from wooden MDF hardboard, the table features a scratch-proof black body and hollow steel rods, ensuring durability and longevity. The 22 real-look playing men and glossy chrome-finished accessories add a touch of elegance and realism to your games.

A standout feature of this football table is its thick sidewalls, which ensure smooth and fast play. The super-processed, strong 12.5mm playfield, the thickest in its segment, is emblazoned with the Warrior logo, enhancing the table’s aesthetic appeal. The strong square legs, reinforced with stainless steel crossbars and 130mm diameter silver glossy chrome-finished leg levelers, allow for height adjustment and ensure stability during play.

Constructed and designed based on international standards, the Play City Unisex Football Table undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure a premium gaming experience. Its robust build and thoughtful design make it a fun and fair addition to any recreational space, providing endless entertainment for players of all skill levels.

2. BOOT BOY Foosball Table

The BOOT BOY Foosball Table offers an engaging experience for both kids and adults, whether playing singles or doubles. Crafted from solid engineered wood, this soccer table is built to withstand intense gameplay, ensuring stability and durability. The heavy-duty steel rods and non-slip handles provide maximum torque for powerful, speedy, and accurate shots.

Designed with ergonomic handles, the rod bars feature comfortable anti-skid grips for better ball control. The smooth playing surface ensures the ball rolls effortlessly, allowing for fast-paced games. Chrome detailing on the fold-out cup holders and ball retrieval area adds a touch of style and convenience. Large leg levelers ensure a perfectly level playing field, making it ideal for indoor game rooms or office recreation spaces.

Setting up the BOOT BOY Foosball Table is quick and easy, taking just 45 minutes to assemble. Backed by over 24 years of expertise in the kicker table business, BOOT BOY ensures the quality and reliability of their parts. This table is perfect for bringing family and friends together for hours of fun and competitive play.

3. Shopster Wooden Foosball Table

The Shopster Wooden Foosball Table offers never-ending entertainment for the whole family. This classic game is easy to play and perfect for family game nights or adult gatherings. It promotes interactive play, socializing, and dynamic strategy, making it an excellent addition to any home.

Assembly is simple and hassle-free with the Shopster Wooden Foosball Table. The full-size 4.5ft soccer set requires minimal setup, no electricity or batteries, and comes with straightforward instructions. It encourages multiplayer participation, ensuring lots of smiles and fun. Designed for both recreational and tournament play, the table features a smooth turf, ergonomic handles, weighted players, and a solid scorer, offering a professional-level experience.

Built to last, this foosball table is sturdy and heavy-duty, with ⅝” diameter chrome-plated steel rods and solid handles for ultimate control. The ramped edges allow for continual motion, and leg levelers ensure an even playing surface. The elegant design of the Shopster Wooden Foosball Table brings a touch of class to any basement, game room, man cave, bar, arcade, lounge, or backyard.

4. Step Over Strongman Foosball Table

The Step Over Strongman Foosball Table is perfect for football enthusiasts seeking professional-level play. This classic 4ft table is designed to full-size specifications, making it ideal for quick matches and tournament-level games. It’s a great addition to any football fan’s playroom, providing endless entertainment and competitive fun.

The foosball table features smooth-spinning chrome rods for fast shooting action. The ergonomic non-slip handles ensure a firm grip and comfortable hold, giving you ultimate control for scoring and blocking like a pro. Crafted from high-grade composite wood with a smooth pine laminate finish, this table boasts a smart, retro look that appeals to fans of all ages.

For added convenience, the Step Over Strongman Foosball Table includes integrated goal counters to track scores accurately and non-slip feet to prevent sliding and protect flooring. It comes with two footballs, tools, fixings, and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Measuring L120cm x W61cm x H79cm when assembled, it’s the perfect fit for any game room or entertainment area.

5. Home Cloud Foosball Table

KTR METCO Devil Wood Football Table

The KTR METCO Devil Wood Football Table is a real classic looking Table with strong construction, excellent stability and inclined corners. This Football Table is made for home use, office use & light commercial use.

The important features of KTR METCO Devil Wood Foosball Table are Laminated Playing field, Redesigned Player foot for better ball balancing, and ergonomic grip handles.

You will get an installation manual along with the product of easy assembling. For buyers, this Foosball Table comes with 55inch x 30inch x 34inch which is in length, breadth and height.

To Watch Top Selling Foosball Table Models in India

My Final Thought

As you can see the price of foosball tables varies considerably. I only recommend football tables that I know for sure that you will enjoy it for a long time. If you want a table that has all the characteristics of a professional football table, then I strongly recommend you to buy Boot BOY Foosball Table.

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